DECEMBER 12 – 14,2008!

The Water Festival seeks to attract, entertain, educate and activate individuals and communities.The first Traverse City Water Festival will take place at the City Opera House on Friday and Saturday, December 12th and 13th, and at the Grand Traverse Commons on Sunday, December 14th.

The weekend’s festivities will proudly feature world-class Michigan musicians, speeches from Water luminaries, interactive multimedia projects and presentations, artisan foods and beverages, workshops, visual art, theater and dance, children’s activities, and connections to campaigns and projects to protect our water locally and address global challenges.

The event is co-sponsored by Seeds, Higher Grounds Trading Company and the Earthwork Music Collective.

This is a family-oriented, community-centered event that has been met with great excitement all over the state and has fostered education, engagement and networking in a rare and valuable way. Through our fundraising efforts, we have worked hard to ensure that the Water Festival is affordable and open to the public. Donations are suggested and accepted at the events, but have never been mandatory. Our events are run entirely by volunteers, and the majority of musicians and presenters are not compensated for their time and contribution. The majority of our frugal budget is earmarked for the stage, sound and equipment rental, publicity, and producing a promotional DVD. Check out our video from past Water Fests.

“This is a celebratory call to action,” says Seth Bernard of Earthwork Music, “We have a responsibility living here in the Great Lakes basin, and we can explore that responsibility together in a way that builds community. The Water Festival brings people together through music, food, art and fun; and facilitates meaningful discussions and the sharing of critical ideas and information. It’s a community project to observe, preserve and honor water, the essential element that sustains life on earth. It’s a synthesis of education, entertainment and empowerment. Enjoying yourself and the wonderful things your community has to offer, and making a deeper commitment to work for a better future.”

Directions to the Traverse City Opera House: Click Here
Directions to Higher Grounds Trading Company: Click Here
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