City Opera House, Doors at 6pm
6:45   Introduction by Bob Russell and Sally Van Vleck – Neahtawanta Center
7        Photographers
7:40   Tom Kelly – Inland Seas
8        Chris Dorman and Friends
8:40   Chris Treter – Chiapas Water Project
9        Breathe Owl Breathe
9:40   Hans Voss – TC 350 / MLUI
10      Squeaky Clean Cretins

City Opera House, Doors at 2pm
2-5     Afternoon drumming and dancing with Darlene, Waltzing with Bates & Foote and Mykl Werth, children’s activities with Amy and David Moehle
5         Mining Madness, Water Wars: The Great Lakes in the Balance film with Michelle Halley of the National Wildlife Federation
6:30    Winners of the Water Fest Art Contests share work
7         Darlene
7:40    Lee Sprague – Sierra Club
8         Seth Bernard and Daisy May
8:40    J. Carl Ganter – Circle of Blue
9         Claudia Schmidt
9:40    Jim Olson – Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation
10       Mady Kouyate

Higher Grounds Trading Company
Grand Traverse Commons
12       Community sing w/ the Earthwork Music Collective
12:30  Workshops:
Session #1 12:30 – 2pm
a) Water Law w/ Chris Bzdock
b) Media and the Global Freshwater Crisis w/ J. Carl Ganter
Session #2 2:30 – 4pm
a)TC 350 Local Solutions to Global Climate Change w/ Brian Beauchamp
b) Protecting the Great Lakes through education w/ Tom Kelly
Session #3 4:30 – 6pm
a) Mapping our watersheds w/ Brad and Amanda Kik
b) Opposing the Alba Injection Well w/ John Richter
Ongoing during workshops:  Bicycle Maintenance with Colin Campbell and Children’s activities with Penny Kreihbel
6     Dinner and music w/ D. Martin
7     Blackwater Valley Songs
8     FunDubmentals


One Response

  1. Great Weekend! Its an honor to have Us (The FunDubMentals) Finish out the Weekend! Realy Lookin Foward to it! Just to let people know! We will be havin music at my store ( Serenity Tea bar and Cafe) all day friday before the festival starts! come check us out!

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